Frame Limiter - switch modes ?
I do not understand how to use the Framelimiter.

In game, the F4 key will Enable / Disable the Framelimiting.
When Framelimiting is ENABLED, how do I switch between Base, Slow Motion, and Turbo ?


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Tabulator key for turbo. And shift - Tab for slowmo, I think Tongue2
If you're using the 0.9.7 beta then F4 disables frame limiter and Tab switches between turbo and base/normal limiter. Slowmotion is not working currently.
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I forgot to mention the version is 0.9.7 beta.
Thank you both.

I believe there is a way to get all three modes working in .0.9.7.
Normal, Turbo and Slow - even though Slow mode is not officially enabled.

Set Base Framerate Adjust to 100%. This is the default / normal speed.

You can fake a "Turbo", with the F4 key to disable FrameLimiting.
This is not as beneficial as the true Turbo because of the Frame SKIPPING settings of "Skip when on Turbo only". ( Is there a specific key in 0.9.7 to switch Frame Skipping settings ? )

Set Turbo Adjust to ** 50% ** or whatever % is the desired slowdown. The TAB key for Turbo is now the Slow Motion mode.

Can someone else confirm on their machine ?


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