Frame Rate Error
Sorry if this isn't going where it should, but i thought i'd give it a shot.

I'm trying to run a PAL version of FF12. My framerate is down to 10% which is ridiculous because my computer can run almost anything.

My Specs:

Vista Home Premium

AMD Anthlon X2 Dual Core (1.9 Ghz)

2814mb RAM

Direct X 10

ATI HD 3200 (1405 mb)

My Ps2 is configged as follows:

Graphics: GDSX 9
BIOS: v2 (2004) USA Bios

Can anyone help me out or lead me in the right direction?


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Seems like you missed these 2 from the FAQ:
And download the latest GSdx from the site

Emulation cannot be even compared to commercial PC games. And i doubt that system can 'run almost anything' Tongue
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No i missed those and ran through them both, my computer can run almmost anything, runs COD4 on recommended, Crysis on recommended. Except when i boot up the Iso it's running at like 10 fps. Should i compress the ISO from the psx menu before?
No,you should configure the emulator properly.And download the new GSdx.
There is the configuration guide to help you with that.
Oh and recommended,obviously turns down graphics and features to match your PC specs.So,try setting things to medium or high and see if that cuts it Tongue
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Sorry to be a bother, but to tune down the graphics display settings and such do i just hit config on the graphics setting on the emulator? Also there's alot of mumbo jumbo in their i don't understand. My pixel shader i know is 4.0. Also do you know if it has to do anything with my BIOS? As in will the PAL game run fine on my USA bios?

I really appreciate your help.
It's all in the guide I told you to check Tongue

PCSX2 is region free so it runs anything with any bios
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Ok thanks alot, it's appreciated. I'll post back once everything is configged and if it's still not pushing it's weight fps wise.
You best read the various guides and teach yourself what the mumbo jumbo means.
This is not like with pc games, where you can just lower quality settings.

That being said, what you can do is update all plugins, use a pcsx2 beta, try the speedhacks it offers.
But let me tell you that even with all tweaks your pc is still too slow in the end. Nothing short of a full upgrade will help there..

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