Frame Rate and Controller Issues
I don't exactly have the most top of the line components, but my PC is able to run anything else I throw at it, such as Crysis 2, with the highest graphics settings at full HD flawlessly. I'm running on Win7 x64, Core i7 Q720, ATI HD5650, 8GB DDR3. Starting out with a Killzone .iso I ripped from a PS2 disk all I could get was about 10fps. I tweaked some settings and enabled all the hacks, and the highest I can get is 50-55fps. This seems really bizarre to me, is this just the norm with emulation?

Another thing, X works to get me past the opening video, but once I get to the menu screen it becomes completely unresponsive but plays through videos like it's waiting for me to do something. At those videos I can skip back to main menu, but again nothing happens at main menu. I'm using a DS3 controller via MotionJoy USB, and Windows Game Controllers is registering all input as A-OK. Am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with this specific game?

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Yes, emulation is nothing like playing pc games (which is a walk in the park for todays hardware).

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