Frame Skip problem
Inside Star Ocean 3 and a few other games this problem I'm coming across happens every time I go from one part of a game to another, like entering and exiting a battle or sleeping at an inn.

Anywhere the frames needed to skip to raise to 60 fps is lowered, the next time that the frames lower, frame skip doesn't skip as often as it did before the frames lowered.

Meaning, i am in one spot where the fps is at 60 fps with frame skip on. I enter the battle, inside the battle the frames run way higher so i dont notice a drop but when i exit the battle the fps in the same spot are lowered considerably. What I manually do is press F4 4 times to loop back to frame skip mode, and after that is done the frames run what they were before the battle.

Is there any way this may be fixed without me having to push F4 after every occurrence of the bug?

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