Frame limiting feature
Okay here's how it is

I am trying to speed up my games. I read that tinkering with the base frame rate can give you a boost in fps. I would like to know how it works. Does lowering or increasing the base fps give u a speede boost in general width most games or something? I am trying to speed up ffx international ntsc/ j.

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some pc specs would be welcome to know...
Lowering the base FPS won't work with FFX (it works only in a few games), just as the VU cyclestealing speedhack doesn't really help much either.

Show us your PC specs and current settings so we can help better.
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From personal experience, with that exact game (and the international version to boot!), you can technically get increased frames with some hacks and clever settings. However, this speeds up the frame rendering, not the game logic. It's kinda hard to explain. I've seen it where Tidus does the running animation at double speed, but displaces at the same speed, and the game internally is still chugging away at about 60 fps. You'll probably face similar results, especially if you use vu cycle stealing. As for messing with the base framerate, I'm not quite sure. HAven't played pcsx2 in a while to be familiar with it.

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