Frame rate help, off the cliff.
I grabbed the psx2 emu a while back and got it working. I downed a game and tried it and it seemed to run slow, despite my graphics and mem up to the task. Then I downed one more just to check if it was the iso. Again same problem. It seems that depending upon what needs to be rendered the frame rate will drop. It starts at the 60 or 59 range then drops to about 40.

So after trying the frame rate options even though I was able to soften the problem I couldn't get rid of it. The frame rate drops and spikes are to large for the emu to handle. And under certain settings the emu crashes. It always happens when the area rendered gets larger. Like an opening scene or a field view, while in a small environment the emu works fine or a little fast, like a shop or a menu. (If its a clue the same thing happens on the GC emu that I have.)

Once again my specs just in case.
2.66 bloomfield i7 dual
Asus premium
6 gigs of mem
Radion ATI 1gig hd
Win 7-64
I was told once before that I have a system that should work fine.
Here are my current settings
[Image: 2gyaq0h.png]

Note: I set some of the settings back to default due to no change in the emu.
Also I noticed many people being told not to allow 8 bit rendering, how ever I can't find this option. I have your latest psx2 emu from your web site the 9.6.

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Quote:I downed a game
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