Frame rate slow when framelimiter is on. but over 100+ when off.
HI I was wondering if anyone could help out with this problem. My games I tried atleast three of them dark cloud 2 KH2 and FFX all run at about 6.0FPS when I have framelimiter on. When I turn the framelimiter off and keep all other settings the same my FPS skyrockets to around 80-120. Any reasons why this happens?

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hit tab button.
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I see it changes the limiter to turbo but it didnt increased my frame rate to the regular 60 frames it just shot it up to 80-100 frames again.
Do you have vsync enabled perhaps?
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
Or you had set the maximum framerate to 6 FPS?
config->emulation settings

base framerate adjust:


10%=6fps !?
Yeah, Acid rains is right. I think he might have accidentally deleted a zero when messing with it Tongue
Yep that was it thank you guys for the help!

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