Frame skip problem
Hi, for the last 1-2 months I've been using PCSX2 with no problem (full speed no problem). I recently started using turbo frameskip to play through games quicker and everything was running smoothly for the first 2-3 weeks then suddenly, after pressing TAB to enable the frame skip I get a flicker or a flash (blinking) every time i get into the turbo frame skip mode. you might be thinking: 'thats not a big deal' but it actually is because, its an irritation for my eyes, really annoying. was wondering if anyone here has experienced the same thing and has fixed this problem.

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can you post the GS configuration ( using the "camera" icon ) you will see it in PCSX2 directory snapshot
Frameskip doesn't work with PS2 games too good, in fact in most games it's terrible and causes what you experience or worser, you can experiment with values to draw and skip to try and correct it, but even if you find values that works fairy well in one game, it'll not be so sure with other. You even have such notice under the option itself, you shouldn't really expect it to be any better.
You should not use frameskip unless desperately to get a little better FPS (and prepared for the many issues it causes).

Still, since you mentioned tab key I suppose you mean the turbo instead frameskip. whenever the emulator is working outside PS2 parameters this might cause issues because PS2 is very picking about the timings. If you use sstate exclusively you'd be accumulating errors and "saving the errors also". At some point things will go badly.

This case is still one those cases where the memcard "may" save the day, put the game at normal speed, go to the nearest save point and do what is to be done always you see one, save in that memcard.

Then quit the emulator totally (to clear it's memory), restart and load from the memcard. Hopefully this will reconstruct the game and the errors will be gone.

Good luck.
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