Frame stuttering for DMC3/FFX
Hi guys,

First off I want to say that PCSX2 is great and I appreciate all the work done on it.

I'm having an issue with both games regarding frame stuttering. I've tried everything at this point (vsync, speedhacks) but it's not very smooth. I can see that in windowed mode the fps fluctuates between 59.-- and 60. I'm thinking this is the reason but not sure how to make it stick to 59.94 (NTSC). Is this a limitation for PCSX2? I was too young to tell but was the console like this?

The build is something around 5100, and I have a gtx 480 and an i7 920 oc'ed to 3.8. Thanks!

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(09-07-2012, 03:51 PM)pantonio717 Wrote: but was the console like this?

well why dont you try it out then?
you need a ps2 to use pcsx2 so yah.

also that its fluctuating between 59 and 60 isnt causing stuttering its something its normal that it does that.
I want to trust me but it's back home on the other side of the country.
Holy mother of jebus I DIDN'T check everything after all. I wasn't using the appropriate interlacing. I checked each of them and all of a sudden 60fps never looked so beautiful and smooth using "bob tff".


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