Frameskip in 0.9.7
i used to manage frameskipping with the "Skip Frames when slower than 'x'" feature up until now, since it worked the best with my sys settings and hardware.
But it seems like they took it out in the new version, so what would be a good alternative to that?
"constant skipping" sounds like it really skipps frames all the time so im not sure how to configure to get equal results ingame :/
hope someone can help me

forgot specs, thou i dont think they are relevant for that q
Win7 32bit
CPU: AMD Athlon 64x2 5200+ (2.7GHz)
RAM: 4GB dualkit
GPU: Nvidia GT220 1024mb
SPU: Realtek AC'97 / c-media cmi8738

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+ 1 in this,im really looking foward to this

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