Frameskip issue
The game I've seen this issue in is kingdom hearts 2, and basically it's just that the game runs a whole lot worse when Frameskip is off. (There is a big change when I press tab). It's really annoying because I can get full speed, I just want it to stay there instead of going over.

This is the game with frameskip on(good fps and quality, but can go way above 60 which is annoying):

And with it off (limited to 60):

My configuration is such;
Speed hacks: EE=3x(tried 2x, no diff), INTC=on, IOP2x=on, WaitCycles=on, Stealing=(tried all, no diff).
Graphics: GSDX 0.1.15(962) SSE2, D3D10(H), Int=none, Int. res=1024x768, Text. filtering=on, all else off.

Is this a common issue or is there something I can change to fix it?
If you need any more info just ask Smile
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3600+ @2.33GHz
NVIDIA Geforce 9500GT 512MB @C:600MHz M:475MHz
2GB DDR2-333 @778MHz
Vista Ultimate x86


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