Frameskipping help
My understanding of the terminology wasnt so great, so i wasnt able to configure the frameskipping properly

My question is, i want the games to frameskip so that they no longer look like they are in slow motion but more jerky, but still not with things going back and forth if you know what i mean. I tried setting the first option to 60, and what i saw was that Snake would go forward a step then go back and then go forward again instead of just going to where hes supposed to, i get all these weird animations

For example, in MGS3, the framerate varies from 25-40, and in FFXII from 30-50. So i want to basically get them to how you would experience framerate drops in PC games were you get jerkyness but the game carries on normally.

Thanks in advance

My system specs are

E2180 @ Stock
2gb RAM
GeForce 9600GT

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