Freeze when using Motioninjoy

I'm trying to play Final Fantasy X with PCSX2. It's working great after some tweaking, looks amazing at 1080p with AA, and runs at 120 FPS with the frame limiter turned off. However, I'm having some trouble when running PCSX2 with Motioninjoy. I use a PS3 controller connected via bluetooth. This works fine, except when the controller is suddenly disconnected, (battery runs out, plug the controller into something to charge it, etc) and sometimes randomly, (Once every 40 minutes or so) the game suddenly freezes. This is really annoying, since I have to start over from my last save.

Has anyone experienced this before? Any ideas how to fix it?

If you need any more information, just ask.


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operating the controller in SDL or Xinput mode?

Directinput doesn't support sudden

device disconnections very well, but xinput should be able to handle it disconnecting and reconnecting.

then again... motionjoy is a crappile of bug.
I'm using DualShock 3 Native Mode.

Oddly enough, while I was playing yesterday, the controller was disconnected a couple of times, but this didn't cause the game to freeze. But the game still freezes randomly from time to time, but I'm not 100% sure this is caused by Motioninjoy anymore. I guess I'll have to check the logs next time it freezes.
Since when does PCSX2 forum support third party software? Unsure Why did you not ask in Motioninjoy forum instead?
Because PCSX2 is what is freezing, not Motioninjoy.

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