Frequent fps drops on FFX
Hi! I'm having problems with fps dropping to around 10-20 every 5 seconds or so. I didn't have this problem yesterday so I have no idea what could be the problem. My computer can run the game with ok fps most of the time with speedhacks, but this has nothing to do with what happends on the screen. The fps even drops in the menus. Any idea what can be causing this?

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try defragmenting your hard drive, and running a disc check. (and if you haven't by now, restart your computer to reset the RAM allocation)
Thanks for the tip, although I found the problem. It seems it has to do with a windows process called WmiPrvSE.exe that spikes my processor usage to 50% every now and then. Tried to google it but it seems hard to fix.
you on Vista?

edit: hm.. mine's at like 5% maybe you need to config windows some for that to go down

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