From Tekken 3 to Tekken 4.... or 5
Ok well I live in a boarding house for half of the year every year(This is my last year w00t) and I use Epsxe to play Tekken 3. The game is so popular that sometimes we get my laptop into the common room, link it up to the TV and have house tournaments Tongue.

Well anyway in early January I'm getting a new Vaio with an 425M GT and i7-740QM which is clocked at(Turboed) 2.55Ghz for Dual-core use.

Now I hear a lot on this forum that Tekken 4 and Tekken 5 are DEMANDING games, I need to know if it "Could" work before I go and buy the game and which one.

First question: Which game runs faster between Tekken 4 and 5
Second question: Does anybody think I have a hope in hell of getting full fps if I muck around with the emulator and my computer enough?

It would be awesome if I could get it working everybody would love it to bits Laugh.

Also I would be using a laptop cooler pad, a good ones that is it makes this laptop I'm using now drop by 30C.

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Sorry to bump the thread but it's on page 3 now(somewhat unnoticed) and I need an opinion or two before the 3rd Jan.
Tekken 4 is less heavy as far as I knew. But you probably won't get a good 60fps at 2.5Ghz. I'd guess it'd take something more like 3Ghz, even for a Core i.

What are you spending on that?
I wouldn't say Tekken 4 and 5 are the most demanding, but last I checked they were broken. I think they were playable at one point but you'd have to google for the exact version
£1,200 which is pricey but two reasons:1. I've had the least problems with Vaio and some guys say they are built well. 2. The British socialist state making imported tech expensive Tongue.

It's cheaper now but I did order a while ago, free blu-ray writer came with it.

Well I may give Tekken 4 a go and try hard to close the 500Mhz gap by screwing around with the computer, we'll see.Cool

EDIT: as it's supposed to arrive in the next couple of days, even though I order like 2 months ago, complicated LoL.

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