Front MIssion 5 Crash
Hello guys,

I've had some major trouble trying to get my Front Mission 5 to work on my emulator; it had worked perfectly before besides the obvious graphical glitches. but it would load and play fine. I moved my shuttle PC back to my house since I'm back from College for summer break, but since then, PCSX2 freezes and the computer tells me that there's a problem and it needs to shut down. However...

Recently, I've gotten my Suikoden V into ISO form on my PC, and to my delight, worked out great. This is the only possible change that has occured between FM5 working and not working; before playing SUikoden, everything was fine. Could something have screwed something else up? Maybe my shuttle bumped itself a little too hard and something happened?

Obviously you can tell I'm a noob too all this stuff, so if there's any further information I need to provide, pleas let me know.

Thanks in advanced.

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