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Front Mission 4 shadow / UI issues
Has anyone managed to get Front Mission 4 working flawlessly / near flawlessly yet? I've checked the wiki, and it notes two outstanding issues, and I encounter both on v1.6.0:

-Shadows are just bizarre - huge, wrongly shaped, and often warp seemingly randomly (i.e if you move the camera, the shadow will change, when it shouldn't)
-Vertical and horizontal lines across text boxes

Both can be resolved by running the game in software mode, but then obviously you're locked to the PS2's native resolution, which is uglier than playing upscaled with the issues present.

The shadow issue could be solved by enabling the Alpha hack in PCSX2 1.4.0 (I downloaded this separately to check, and can confirm it works - or at least it works in the sense of entirely disabling the shadows, which is an improvement) but this in turn causes issues with the character's portraits, which are 2D sprites, having random 1-pixel holes in them. I couldn't find a way to fix one issue without causing the other.

The issues with the lines on the text boxes aren't particularly troublesome, but if they can be solved, great.

I'm aware this game has been discussed several times on this forum (I've read all the threads I could find) but most are from several years ago. So, has anyone got any fixes for this in 2020?

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