Front Mission 5
Hey everyone.

As some of you might know, the guys at were engaged in an English translation project for Front Mission 5: The Scars of War. Their latest patch basically completes the project and I've been very excited to play.

However, I'm having trouble configuring my graphics plugin correctly. For some reason FM5 keeps giving me vertical "bars" whenever I use the ZeroGS plugin, but plays the game cinematics flawlessly. ZeroGS also produces a lot of artifacts and other visual anomalies during gameplay. I tried using GSdx SSE2, which fixes the vertical bars and artifacts, but causes game cinematics to flicker.

Can anyone offer me some help? My hardware build is visible in the screenshot below, as well as an example of the "bars". Thanks for any help or advice.

[Image: FM5-verticalbars.jpg]

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hi ! there is a thread about front mission game and a post on the gsdx thread , anyway , us the GSDX with the option logaritmic Z , it fix all the cinematic glitch , but still the dirty layer and a lot of errors on the shadows

Could you try please ? and post your computer spec also

i am on geforce 7600 and core2duo 2,6 ghz , i dont understand if i am cpu o gpu bounded , if i chose custom d3d internal resolution the cpu go to 100% even if i put the same native resolution example (512x512) , the frame rate going down from 100% to 30%-40%.

In software renderer mode the emulation is perfect , please try also that mode
Thanks! I'll check those settings.

Computer specs:

Wolfdale E7500 Core2Duo 2.93GHz
GeForce 8600GT (256MB)
4GB DDR2 RAM (800MHz)
I waited years to finally play this game in english, and as the OP said i have the exact same problem. If anyone finally find a way to play this game whitout graphical issue please le us know. Thank you
Still nothing? ;_;
no, you have to wait unntill the next major release of gsdx
Get a faster CPU and run the software mode? :P
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Maybe ZZogl with No Alpha Hack will help you.
(10-07-2009, 05:55 AM)Zeydlitz Wrote: Maybe ZZogl with No Alpha Hack will help you.

Nothing, thx anyway ;_;
Okay, I have been playing via pcsx2 for a while now and here is what I have discovered (using latest gsdx).

1- The game is going to have the muddy alpha texture thing, and flickering shadows, or you will have to play in SW mode. It's there, always, or it's slow. The game has a cut sceen between just about every mission. You can switch between direct x and sw.

2- The muddy overlaid texture seems to be related to shadows & or the UI. I know this because one of the missions involves fighting at night (base attack mission) and the mission following that takes place in the day (Base defend mission). The one at night has no muddy texture problem, while the day time mission does.

3-Go to options, turn off the UI for battles. It seems to reduce the ammount of muddy texture on screen (for battles only), and makes the battle more cinimatic anyway.

I hope that helps. The game is playable. The wierd muddy texture problem is really only noticible in cinimatics where the view goes about 50 yards out or so. So all the cinimatics in the ship look okay.

This is by far the best PS2 game I have every played. I want a fix so bad I would sell my "left one" for it. But, it is basically playable at this point, not pretty but playable.

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