Front Mission 5 - Can't move right only on the Pilot Interaction Screen

I'm trying to get Front Mission 5 to work properly but I can't move right in the pilot interaction sections of the game. The menus work fine, the battle tutorials work fine, just cant seem to move right in the first part of the game where I need to talk to different pilots. 

I found some old threads where people were having similar issues in a game called "Let's Make a Soccer Team!" and their issue was fixed by changing the EE clamping setting to "Full". Unfortunately this is did not solve my problem. I have tried playing around with all of the clamping settings and none of them seem to help. I have also tried defaulting as many things as possible such as disabling widescreen hacks and such with no success.  

I would be super jazzed for any suggestions or insight anyone could offer. Thanks for your time and help!

Edit: While continuing to troubleshoot the issue I tried running the game with an older version of PCSX2 (1.2.1), the problem persists, but instead of not being able to move right I can no longer move left. Moving right works in 1.2.1, but not left. 

PCSX2 - 1.4
Windows 10 Pro - 64 Bit
1080 TI
32 GB Ram

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