Front Mission 5, latest configs and bugfixes needed!
Hey people!

So what is the current status with this great game? I read somewhere that it does work in current beta 0.9.7 but not on any earlier versions?

Seems like plugins are the concern now? Hence why I post this at plugins.

Played FM5 on my rather new comp using directx11 (Win7, ATI HD5770, AMD Phenom II x6), worked fine with newest gsdx SSE2 plugin (other plugins at defaults) but there are still a few bugs:

-some textures not showing properly
-wanzer shadows messed usually
-in some occasions (mainly briefings) when characters speak they speak way too fast, like at 1.3x
-random "slowdowns" at large maps (fps usually stays the same, weird) especially when there are many linked units fighting
-when launching the game starting intro "stutters" violently.. effectively making the video unwatchable. It fixes when using ZeroGS but then there are worse problems (lots of texture and shadow bugs)

I take it that dx11 is still at alpha state but is it recommended to use if my comp can support it? Could it cause any of these bugs (I tested once with dx9 but it seemed that everything remained the same.. but I'm no expert) Smile

TL;DR: Tell me how to setup Front Mission 5 properly on a modern comp with minimized bugs!

Thanks in advance.

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Oh cmon, aren't there any Front Mission fans out there? I really wanna know do you have same probs as me.. not to mention how to fix them.

Feels so "forever alone" when none replies to a thread, haha. Cruel people Laugh
Oh, huge Front Mission fan. I'm playing FM5 too; FM4 hangs at the intro cutscene for me so I put my disc back in storage - emu log screen says something about GIF does not terminate; as far as I can tell it worked in an earlier build (I'm basing this on peoples' YouTube vids), so I guess I'll just have to wait for another update.

So, FM5. I'm using build r3878, not sure if there's a newer one out.
- Textures (most noticeably the wanzer shadows). Dunno fix, it isn't a game breaker so I just put up with it.
- Fast audio? I don't get this, then again my i7 cpu is a low end one. Most game cutscenes are just about normal speed with random slowdowns here and there.
- Map slowdowns. Yeah, certain maps are kinda laggy (40ish fps worst case iirc). Playing around with the camera angle helps some. Dunno fix.
- Intro video screwed. I noticed if you pause (suspend) the emu then resume, it plays normally all the way until it loops, where it gets scrambled again (where you repeat pause-unpause to fix). This is pretty damn low on my FM5 problem list though Tongue2

Liking the game so far although the arena is annoying hard since everything's hands off, plus the lack of money.

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FM4 will be fixed in the newest SVN, it might have a knock on effect on FM5, i couldnt say for definate.
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Ooh that is great news.

I've been wanting to play fm4 again after my ps2 lens burned out.
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