Front Mission 5 - problem
hey guys, first let me express how awesome I feel to be able to play this one-of-a-kind game
now on my comp in almost flawless HD ! I even imported an ps2 savegame via boot.elf

[Image: K6uhhCP.jpg]

the image is from the latest pcsx2 Version

but there is a problem, below u can see that the game draws lines to demonstrate attacks and links,

[Image: h1xhdR8.jpg]

[Image: 5JmRfHU.jpg]

but in D3D.hardware.mode the lines just disapear, I tryed every plugin and option available to me,
no results ...

when the lines are visible there are also flickering shadows, ghostimages (canvas),
and distorted/bugged caractershadows during action sequences

any version of pcsx2 below 0.9.9 can only render the game like this,

only the newest Version got rid of all the artifacts and ghosting going on ... KUDOS!
but unfortunatly the lines are also gone ...

as u can see in the second Image, I narrowed it down to the 'disable all CRC hacks' option,
so something inside this Option is responsable for the good HD Quality of the game
and also for the disappearing of the lines ... only this Option makes them reappear in D3D.hardware mode

I am stuck here, as I have no clue or inside about the CRCs or were to locate and exclude them,

maybe U can help, maybe there is a fix or simply someone knowing whats going on and able
to notice this problem for the future ...

regards ^^

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If you disable crc hacks garbage and lines appear and if you enable it you get nice graphics but no lines?

Have you tried latest git (1.3.1) using opengl and some accuracy options?
What happens if you press f9?
thx for the tip ... pressing F9 is a handy workaround for my problem

I tryied the git versions but its always the same, in CRC Level Minimum the lines are drawn but distorted shadows are back
and as I noted, in higher CRC Levels the shadows are just disabled as well ^^

these specific problems aside, 1.3.1. seems even better then 1.2.1


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