Frontends,cheating,editors and more!

After my earlier news post about some incredible tools our community members have developed for PCSX2, it's time people learn more about them Smile

All the tool authors graciously gave us their permission to add their various programs to our download system, so you can easily review them and have them more accessible. You will find all kinds of tools, from some great frontends for PCSX2 which so many people ask for, to very powerful save editors and cheat generators to Scarlet Crush's renowned Xinput wrapper for DS3 controllers!

Thanks to all the authors of these programs, which are all provided for free just like PCSX2! We'll try to keep everything updated to their latest versions for your convenience.

P.S. If any tool author has any issues with the description or finds any incorrect information, please contact me to fix it.

P.S. 2 Yes I know the new category icons suck, if you have something better to suggest please do Tongue

Head over to the brand new tools section!

Frontends - Programs which provide an alternate GUI to PCSX2's or added functionality

Cheating - Programs which generate cheat files from encrypted cheat codes for use with PCSX2

Game Editors - Programs which edit specific games (usually their saves) to alter values (usually for cheating)

Misc - Stuff that don't fit in the above categories (like the Xinput DS3 wrapper)

[Image: newsig.jpg]

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Thanks. This will help keep things much more organized Smile.
Thanks fr this.:-)

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