Frustrated and need some help if you have time.
Ok im using the newest beta version 0.9.19..3113 since everyone is suggesting it. Now im trying to play shadow of collossus and its only running 29 FPS and is in slow motion. I have intel core 2 quad core 2.7 GHZ processor, Nvidia 8800 GT, 4GB RAM and windows 7 64 bit. Why is it running so slow, do i have a setting wrong? Help would be soooo appreciated.

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Nevermind, i checked some of the reccomended boxes in speed hack and it now runs 60 FPS in the world, when i get to the collossus it drops to 35-40 FPS which i believe it does on a actual PS2. But in the temple is when its at its lowest. Weird.
You can check the huge dedicated thread for this game for good configurations and other tips:
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