Frustrating controller configuration!!
I downloaded and installed everything correctly, i can run the game perfectly, no problems, but when i configure LilyPad it just resets itself to nothing, so i configure the buttons and all, when i start the game, nothing works, press the supposed buttons i configured and nothing, then i go back to configuration of the controllers, and its all blank, is just frustrating >_< anybody, please help me!Angry

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well you should try setting the pcsx2 folder to modified,and donwload the latest lilypad plugin
I compiled Lilypad svn 0.10.0 r1388 with Visual Studio yesterday. I tested and confirmed buttons for keyboard worked. Lilypad 0.9.9 shipped on official PCSX2 0.96 worked already. Thus keboard functional.

I speculated this might be gamepad related issues, try other controller plugins than Lilypad to make sure.
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This is not a bug. Moving to support.
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Right click on the emulator and choose "Run as administrator".
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