Full CPU usage on windows 7, anyone?(solved)
Having dual boot system, XP and newly installed windows 7 professional 7600. Been using XP and DX9 most of the time.

Lately play "Obscure" on windows 7 because of the texture broken on DX9, and using DX10 solved the problem. However acciddently found out the cpu usage was always 100% under task manager. Wonder if the display driver related issue , was using 185.85. Change to 190.38 last night and still same.

When running on XP, everything is okay. So does anyone having the same problem or any suggestion?

Here's my specs and details:

OS: Win XP SP2 / Win7 7600 Pro
CPU:E7400 (OC 3.5g)
Ram:4G DDR2 800
Display:GTS 250 (185.85 on XP and 185.85/190.38 on Win7)

PCSX2: Tried it on 1888 and 1736
GSDX: 1611/1846/2190
SPU-2 X 1.2.0
GameOhmybscure and FF12 tested

Tells me if any other info is needed, thanks all

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate built 7600
i test two games: Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Unleashed
CPU: Athlon 64 X2 6000+
Video: Radeon HD 4850

CPU usage: 63~92% on both games

I guess you have some problems with drivers for hardware, you see Windows 7 this is new system and drivers still maybe not perfect, i have very no noticeable problems with audio some times got clicks on splash window, and Vsync not work in Catalyst Center.
You mean it's 100% using D3D10 only and not on D3D9? does it slow down or anything when this happens?
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Under the Processes tab in Task Manager, is it the PCSX2 process that has extremely high CPU usage? Or is it some other process?
[Image: yunacopy.jpg]

Yes, on windos 7, either using DX10 or DX9 , both having 100% cpu usage, and fps is unstable
while it seems fine running on windows xp

yes, the pcsx2 only, tried other software and it's okay.

Finally figure it out, it seems the driver of my controller is having a compatible problem, maybe not fully compatible, don't really know.
The rumble function is causing the 100% cpu usage, de-activated both motor and everything backs to normal.Kinda weird but it's glad finally work it out,

Thanks all for reply.

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