Full Screen Issue
So I've been messing with my graphics settings all day trying to get Suikoden Tactics to play better than 30 FPS during talking and fighting, and I finally got it to a good speed by using DX9 Hardware and 800x600 full screen with 75 hz, but it wouldn't let me bring up the menu when I hit escape, and alt-tab didn't work either. Finally I hit ctrl-alt-del and it minimized the screen but now it won't come back up.

My question is has anybody had this issue before and does anybody know how to fix it?

If nobody knows how to fix it, is it possible to save states without being able to see the menus? If so I'll just save my state, reload, and play with it some more.

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You can save states with F1, and load them with F3.

When you couldn't get out of fullscreen, did you also try Alt+Enter? Personally, I always use the "Double-click toggles fullscreen mode" option.
When I pressed Alt+Enter it just gave me a ding sound like I was pressing something that didn't work. Apparently it wouldn't let me save state with F1, because I loaded it back up and I'm back at my last save state sadly. Oh well, time to do some more tinkering. Thank you for the help.
Did you try double-clicking the game screen, too?

I get the feeling that when you go fullscreen, the game's "window" is no longer the active window... Maybe I'm just being silly, but I'm throwing my thoughts out here. Try clicking on the game screen once before you attempt to use hotkeys, and likewise, the double-clicking should work if this is the case.
What pcsx2 version are you using? and what gsdx version?
PCSx2 0.9.6 and using gsdx 890 ssse3. I got the game to work well in windowed now, except for now my screen has like a grey hue over it, its kind of annoying but playing at 60 fps at all times.
Well, how about you try a much less dated version of PCSX2? I don't even think the "double-click fullscreen" option existed back then...

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Newer versions don't have patches do they? Suikoden Tactics only plays with a patch to skip videos. I'll see if it was just the first video that caused trouble and use 0.9.8.
PCSX2 0.9.8 can use patches.

The "Video skip" is a Gamefix in newer revs.
maybe the video that caused crashes might be fixed in 0.9.8 Smile who knows that version was way out dated

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