Full screen 240p resolution?
I have an arcade machine and I want to run PCSX2 on it but I want the resolution to output correctly in full screen.

The game I want to run has a resolution of 224x448 and I'd like to run it at the correct res but I'm confused how to achieve this. I read the thread on internal res vs external but it's a bit over my head Sad

Can anyone help?

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You can't do that at the moment, your best bet would be using a custom resolution in your graphics card that can show the graphics like that. If anything look in the game's options for a way to show them different.

Internal res is just the amount of pixels, nothing useful for what you want...

What you're looking for is an aspect ratio that shows the normal screen like this right?

The games should have an option to show them like this though:

Or you mean something else? Tongue
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Yes in fact I wish to play Dodonpachi Daioujou in full screen (as in your first picture), can't be playing it horizontal with borders though Smile

My graphics card is capable of showing low res games, I have MAME running and it outputs the correct resolution pixel for pixel. I just can't get PCSX2 to do it. I must be possible? Surely it's just a resolution I need to set up?

Also, I thought I'd need to do something with the internal res so as to avoid artifacting/image distortion?
Don't think you can do anything about it from PCSX2 right now.
If you have a fullscreen resolution that can show it perfectly then change the GSdx renderer to Direct3D9 and set the fullscreen resolution you have and tick the "native" check and set the aspect ratio to stretch too.

I think MAME does handle the aspect ratio though which PCSX2 can't with the current plugins, you sure it doesn't let you play with the borders?
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Aspect ratio shouldn't be an issue if I can get the plugin to output the resolution correctly since the video driver will decide how to display it (I'm pretty sure).

BTW, why would I choose D3D over GSdx?

Thanks for the advice!
Uh... D3D9 is the only one that can set the fullscreen resolution, D3D10/11 will use the desktop resolution as fullscreen resolution only. Alternatively you could set the desktop resolution first then run pcsx2 with D3D10 so it uses that fullscreen resolution I suppose.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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