Full screen command
The only way I've managed to get it to go fullscreen is alt+enter but it will only go fullscreen on the active display.

I have my tv hooked into my computer as well. Is there anyway I can have games go full screen on my 2nd display? I can manipulate the numbers so the tv is the primary, but it's just a pain switching them back and forth.

Anyone know how?

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This is what I tried now(it's my first time trying it so I don't know if I can go full screen)

Since I have Nvidia I enter in the settings and change the display mode to "Dual View".Then I enable "Monitor when in Background" from the LilyPad settings,then I start the game,drag the window to the second display(my TV)and maximize it.

In that way I can use my PC while someone else is playing on pcsx2 using my TV.
I only don't know why I can't go full screen there but if I use "Clone View" I can.If I try to go full screen there I see my wallpaper and nothing else
Just drag the window onto the second screen, then press alt+enter ... That's how I do it O.o

It's what vsub said - only 6 lines shorter.
Ya but when I drag the game onto my tv (second screen) and press alt+enter it goes full screen on the primary display which is #1, so it goes full screen on my monitor.

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