I assume running in fullscreen will give me at least a little fps boost?

I can get this running final fantasy x and katamari damacy (the only games iv put onto my computer so far) but only in windowed mode. I get 45-50 fps and would love to get closer to 60. Windowed works fine with the GSDX plugin and the Zerogs one.

On either though, if i select any kind of fullscreen or toggle into it (zerogs) i can hear the game working but can see nothing. Worse i cant alt tab or press esc to get out. They work, but my screen stays black. The only way i can get out is ctrl alt del and task manager.

Is there a setting im doing wrong? Is this because of compatibility with my system? Would love to rip more of my games tomorow and play them, and although i love windowed mode i could really use the fps boost.

Also if it will have no affect on the fps, let me know because in that case i really dont care if fullsc

Some specs:
amd athlon 64 x2 dual core 5000+ (2.653ghz)
ati radeon hd 4830
3-4 gigs ram ( i forget, but its enough)
i think thats all thats important.
oh yeah dual monitors, may be useful info

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If there is any difference, it will be minimal (maybe a fraction of a single fps). Unfortunately, your CPU is holding back your ability to play PCSX2.

As for your problem, make sure you're using the latest PCSX2 (0.9.7 with the latest beta plugins) and use alt+enter to enter/exit fullscreen mode.
[Image: 2748844.png]
Damn i was hoping it was fast enough. Also i am using 9.6, i will try the beta.

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