Fullscreen Issue
Pcsx Ver.0.9.6
Intel e5200
MB asus pk5n
GeForce 8600 GT
Window XP 32bit
Some PS2 Games directly dumped from Original DVD (PAL versions)

I tried the emulator, and after the initial hard time, i found a way to make it work fine on my system (Also due to this Forum's threads).
It works great, very good speed and great compatibility but...
I have a problem running a game in fullscreen (No matters what game).
All ok while playing but when i try to close the emulator the game continue to run, so i'm forced to shut off the Computer (Or to try to run Task Manager and close the process "Blindly")...

It's possible i wronged configuration (I'm a noob of this emu).
But it's also possible is a real issue. So... here's the reason of my thread.
I searched the Forum for another thread with this issue on but i found nothing.
Hopefully i'll have the help i need here.

The Undertaker
"Death waits for no one..."

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If you're using GSDX in DX9 mode with LilyPad, disable the "hide on fullscreen escape" hack. If you're using GSDX in DX10 mode (Which you aren't, but others may be doing) or ZeroGS, use LilyPad as a pad plugin and enable that hack.

Just for future reference, should specify your plugins when asking for help.
Moved. This is not a pcsx2 bug...
Thanks Chicken. You specified my plugins config better than me.
Next time? Hopefully will not exist, but i'll do as you said, if...

Krakatos, sorry.
Believe it or not, i spent 1 hour try to decide were to post my problem. I don't noticed an help's thread, so i thinked the bug one it would works fine for my answer. It seems i was wrong, after all.
Anyway, thanks for politeness. Your emu it's really great.

The Undertaker

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