Funny result on a game
Just stumbled across this one today testing something out on my windows devstation. I loaded up an old favorite of mine ( the one which fails to get anywhere due to some DMA problem if I got tihs chat correctly back then ). Now I happened to load that ISO by accident instead of another one and had been surprised it got past the intro movies and screens. It crashed later on at the title screen but that's life.

Anyways the funny thing is that the intro movies worked only if I enabled 2x speed hack or 3x speed hack. With 1.5x or 1x it froze before the first intro image. This had been with the pcsx2pg-vtlb-599.exe . With pcsx2pg-vtlb-609.exe the game is back to no intro working for all speed hack settings. Looks like around this revision somebody managed to fix the broken DMA ( for this particular case that is ). Might be worth a look what happened aorund that revision.

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