Future Oculus Rift support?
Is it possible? If so how hard will it be to implement?

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Possibly? who knows, maybe. Will it be hard to implement (I doubt it could be though)? I think it will be a challenge. Even if someone takes on the task of implementing it controlling it would be extrodinarly awkward, and I simply don't see it working out (or being useful for that matter).

Regarding the OR itself (copy/pasted from an earlier post of mine):

Scootaloo Wrote:Well it seems like a neat idea, but ultimately if and when it ever reaches a state where you'll be able to buy one from a normal store or online store I don't see it doing anything revolutionary for gaming as it is. It just seems like a big gimmick.

Let's take a look at the past:

PlayStation 2 EyeToy = has a whopping list of 20 games that work fully with it, there were other games that had the option to use partially/control menus with.
PlayStation Move was supposed to a "game changer" = it was alright, but nothing special.
Virtual Boy = overall it seemed like a good idea, but ti was a failure. Very small game library (due to lack of sales I suppose)
Wiimote/Nunchuck was supposed to be a whole new experience = it turned out to be a nice change of pace, but for the most part it just made controls more awkward and your arms (dependent on health) tire out faster.

My point being: it'll be a nice toy to screw around with for a few months at most, but later on it'll end up in your closet or wherever your old electronics go to die. I just don't see it.
Full occulus rift support is almost assuredly never going to happen. It may be possible to assign the motion tracking to an analog (allowing you some camera control with head movements). 3D display support is already possible with a modified plugin, but it's very hit and miss, and there is little that can be truly done to improve on it since PS2 games were never designed with 3D in mind.

So to answer your question: Maybe eventually sort of.

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