G25 steering wheel fix with PPJoy and GlovePIE
I didn't know where to put this thread, if it isn't in the right place I'm sorry, I suppose moderators will move it to a better place if needed.

I made a small fix for the G25 steering wheel because the G25 feels a bit weird when using the LilyPad plugin, after a lot of tries tweaking the axis sensitivity I didn't get what I was expecting to, I just got a huge central dead zone or twichy movements, so I took the PPJoy + GlovePIE way.
It isn't a perfect fix but at least you can drive your car using a steering wheel and LilyPad.

First of all, you'll need PPJoy installed in your PC, the Logitech Wingman Profiler and GlovePIE.

I won't explain how to install these programs and the use of them because there are tons of info about this all over the internet.

Here we go:

1.- In PPJoy set your G25 steering axis as follow:

PPJoy Virtual Joystick 1
Axis 1 ---> X Axis
X Axis ---> Analog 1

2.- Open up GlovePIE and paste this script:

debug = PPJoy1.Analog1

var.b = joystick.x
PPJoy1.Analog1 = joystick.x      // steering wheel

if joystick.x > 0.0 {
                      PPJoy1.Analog1 = sqr(var.b)^(1/5)
if joystick.x < 0.0 {
                      PPJoy1.Analog1 = ((sqr(-var.b))^(1/5))*-1

This script is the main fix, it's concretely for GT4 but it should work for any racing game, if you want a faster response of your steering wheel change the "5" number for a bigger one, I use "7" for Enthusia.

Feel free to make a better script if you find the magic formula and post it in this thread, I'm not good at coding nor good at mathematics but hey, the script works fine.

Don't forget to press the "Run" button in GlovePIE.

3.- In LilyPad General tab check the "DirectInput" in Input APIs and "Direct Input" in Game Device APIs, go to Pad 1 tab and map your G25 buttons in LilyPad as you want but be sure to map the left analog sitck this way:

------------------------------ PC Control --- PS2 Control
DX PPJoy Virtual Joystick 1 --- (X+ axis) --- L-Stick Right
DX PPJoy Virtual Joystick 1 --- (X- axis) --- L-Stick Left

Once they are mapped, set the sensitivity to 1.000 and the dead zone to 0.000

Probably you'll get the DX Logitech G25 input in your first try, keep trying until the DX PPJoy input gets recognized, in some buttons I even tried 10 times until it was recognized, don't ask me why.

As a recommendation, I use the DX Logitech G25 input for all buttons and axis less the steering wheel axis, like in this pic ...

[Image: G25_config_PCSX2.jpg]

A small recommendation for pedals in LilyPad and for GT4:

Brake pedal: Sensitivity ---> 0.588 (Dead Zone ---> 0.000)
Accelerator pedal: Sensitivity -----> 0.305 (Dead Zone ---> 0.000)

4.- Create a new game profile in the Logitech Wingman Profiler (name it PCSX2 for example) and browse your PC for the PCSX2 executable, select an icon and acept that window.

[Image: G25_config_PCSX2_1.jpg]

[Image: G25_config_PCSX2_2.jpg]

5.- Depending on the game you'll need to adjust the steering degrees in your Logitech Wingman Profiler, for GT4 360º suit my needs and for Enthusia I prefer 215º.

[Image: G25_config_PCSX2_5.jpg]

[Image: G25_config_PCSX2_6.jpg]

6.- You'll need to adjust the steering wheel sensitivity to 100% in the Logitech Wingman Profiler as well, I recommend to do that for the pedals too.

Left click on steering wheel and go to axis properties ...

[Image: G25_config_PCSX2_3.jpg]

[Image: G25_config_PCSX2_4.jpg]

7.- Close PCSX2 emulator if it's opened.

8.- Click on "play PCSX2" in the Logitech Wingman Profiler and the PCSX2 emulator window will pop up.

[Image: G25_config_PCSX2_7.jpg]

9.- Browse for your favorite racing game in PCSX2.

This method should work with a G27, a Driving Force Pro and a Driving Force GT since they are 900º steering wheels and they use the same Logitech Wingman Profiler.
I guess it should work with another steering wheels even without the Logitech Wingman Profiler as it is for fine tuning.

Final thoughts, the steering is far from perfect but it does the trick, it isn't as precise as in your PS2 but it's close, it would be cool that the LilyPad encoder could make an improvement for steering wheels.

I hope to have helped a bit and I'm sorry for my awful english.

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So there ARE people that actually own these racing wheels!

(Sorry for the offtopic Tongue2 )
Finally get this working, i have logitech momo racing and when i config in lyly pad it says the axis is Y, i leave it that way and used the rest as you said... it still woking evn thou in glove pie you dont change axis to Y... thanks!!
Can this be used for normal Steering Whells? And I'm very very stupid.. I dont understand much of it..Can you make a tutorial or something? PLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Hi, I recently followed this guide in order for me to use my logitech g27 on pcsx2.. The problem is, the steering is not responsive its and it acts like a joystick not like a wheel.. any suggestions or a better pad plugin?

I am using ppjoy and Glovepie.
A better script is really appreciated.. Thanks in advance..

BTW: Im trying to play GT4 and Initial D.. Thanks
steering wheel GT4 forcefeedback SUPPORT!!!!!
(02-18-2013, 06:45 AM)naik2222 Wrote: steering wheel GT4 forcefeedback SUPPORT!!!!!

Spamming will get you banned and anyone who would possibly bother with this pissed off, so stop it.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Sorry for the bump but I just started using ppjoy. It's great but does anyone know if there is a version of it that supports force feedback? It would solve a lot of my problems.
Lets bump this up with another one. I tried to play GT4 with the Thrustmaster F430, and while the above tutorial helped me a lot (thanks!), it did not provide quite the results I wanted.

The first thing was that I had quite a lot of deadzone in the middle and comparing the output X values of GlovePIE (they print out beside the "Run" button of GlovePIE) with the sterring of the car in the game, I found out it was 0.3. When fixing this, I also desired a better progressiveness of the steering and fixed the program to have a response curve more similar to an actual car system:

The result is this GlovePIE script:
debug = PPJoy1.Analog0

var.b = joystick.x
PPJoy1.Analog0 = joystick.x      // steering wheel
var.dzCorr = 0.3   //deadzone setting below which wheels in GT4 do not seem to respond

if joystick.x > 0.0 {
                    //apply sinusoidal response curve
                      PPJoy1.Analog0 = var.dzCorr+(sin(-90+var.b*180)*0.5+0.5)*(1.0-var.dzCorr)
if joystick.x < 0.0 {
                      PPJoy1.Analog0 = -var.dzCorr-(sin(-90-var.b*180)*0.5+0.5)*(1.0-var.dzCorr)

It seems to give a somewhat more natural steering response, with enough control for small corrections in low and high angle turns. Note that I use Analog0 (default in PPJoy) for X axis in my script, not Analog1 as above.

And as to the force feedback question above ... the LilyPad plugin enables mapping of vibration in the bottom right corner ("Small motor" and "Big motor" and I can choose my wheel from the drop down list above the buttons). I've mapped just about every type of force to the small motor (Sawtooth, Ramp etc.) and I at least get a vibration response when driving on rough surfaces. Not with collisions though, bu I haven't played around with it much, so maybe it could be improved.

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