GGAC+ config
first of all, i have read dozens of threads regarding this. but one thing i noticed most threads were using version 0.9.6

regarding 0.9.7 is it possible to play this game on 59-60fps constantly?
im able to play MeltyBlood AA consistently on 60fps

i have also tried several config doing trial and error combinations
but anyway here's what i got so far:

-recompiler both checked

EE/FPU advanced
-Round Mode on Positive
-Clamp on None
-Flush and denormals at zero

-MicroVU both checked
-Round on Positive
-Clamp on None
-Flush and denormals at zero

BaseFrame100% (basically default on this part)

-EE Cycle 2x
-Vu cycle 1x
-INTC Spin Enabled
-WaitLoop Enabled
-mVU Flag Enabled

-Allow 8-bit

During fights it ranges from 40-55fps at best
is it possible to achieve a constant 60fps?

thanks for any help =)


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PC specs? What do the EE/GS % numbers in the game window say when you have slowdowns?
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Last time I played GGGGGDDAC3 it was pretty fast.
(Seriously, what game? Tongue2 )
i think he is refering to guily gear?
GGAC+ = Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus
Disable anti-aliasing in the game options for a speed boost

yeah i have disabled AA on the options and umm i noticed May's Airplane Stage, gives me constant 57-60fps for some miraculous reason xD

and yeah its Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus

and EE is around 15-20% , GS is around 50-60% when playing right now
Disable the 8bit textures option in GSdx. That should make the load easier on your GPU.
but by disabling 8bit, i get 40-50fps =(

anyway i now achieve 57-60fps thanks guys , it seems that Ky's Stage causes the lag all other stages using my defualt settings give me 57-60fps all along xD

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