GH: Metallica and Smash Hits problem on Pcsx2
Hi there greetings to everyone! Its my first post over here so I will try to be specific with my problem.

My question is why are both Guitar Hero Metallica and Guitar Hero Smash Hits very slow on my Pc(around 10fps or less). I have played Guitar Hero 5 and everything runs great. I must say that there are no characters( that are playing instruments) in GH:5 but in GH:Metallica and Smash Hits are. Is that maybe the problem. Is to much for the Pc to handle I dont know.

My Pcsx2 is (svn) Aug 9 2010

My Pc: Intel i5, nVidia gtx460 1 GB, 4 GB ram

If anyone has some question about my Pcsx2 configuration, feel free to ask.


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Enable "Native" in GSdx and try some speedhacks, specially the EE cycle rate or VU cycle stealing ones might help.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
I will try and reply the news. Thx
Ive tryed many different ways of sliders in speed hacks. Am almost there to play it smooth but something is bodering always. Dont know what to do. I saw many people playing with more powerless pc those games. Please help. Please.

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