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Hello everyone. I am really new with PCSX2 but i can ensure you after 8 hours of tryings i can tell that i know a lot.
The only reason i use PCSX2 is to play God of War 2.
after lots of tries with 0.9.4 which i couldn't do much I downloaded the Tekken 5 "version" of PCSX2 here :

[Link removed: Links and/or discussion of unofficial builds (based on modified code relative to the official svn) is not allowed in this forum.]

(this "version" has a game fix for GOW which i Enabled and then i saw the menu etc)

and i finally can see menu and watch the videos really nice and the most impressing is that i finally can see Kratos holding wis swords Laugh in a wierd stance thought and in an ugly green background which is reallly buggy oh and i can use the swords and see some attack graphics.
I need help to get rid of the green background.
(this "version" has a game fix for GOW which i Enabled and then i saw the menu , etc)
Ask me any info you need because it will be much easier but if you don't know what you need Tongue tell me to start post my Configs.
Cheers !!
EDIT: I am running PAL version

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please remove the link as it links to a hacked version of PCSX2.

As for GOW2, try the Playground PCSX2 v1.0.0.0395 from here:

Maybe you get better results with it and people will help you if they can. As I am also curious about this game I will dump it now and try myself Smile.

btw. which game version are you trying to run? PAL or NTSC?

alright my PAL Platinum edition gets into menu but there it looks crappy and the FPS are very low so I guess it will be difficult to get this game to run Sad
imho gow1 is playable with graphical glitches, but gow2 is still unplayable (with every version of pcsx2).
This forum is exclusively for OFFICIAL RELEASES, as the name implies. Removed the link in the first post.
Could someone upload the CNF file of GOW 2 ?? I mean if it is allowed couse I am having some problems with it.. I can't load the game image..PLEASE HELP
No it is not allowed. I can't see ANY way a file from the original DVD would help you,if you own the game.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
could u maybe tell me what is the best emu configuration for gow 2? what are the best plugins??
God of War 2 is unplayable at this point due to severe graphics bugs,so no point in trying to emulate it.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
thank you !!

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