GOW 2 save states
Hello, after searching on the forums it seems that this problem is known, well i didn't so i used save states on God of War 2 and when i tried to save ingame the game just froze. I said that it's not a problem i'll just use states. Worked ok till i got to the point to kill the barbarian king. After killing him the games just hangs, plus if i try to upgrade my weapons they disappear.
At first i said that it might be a problem with my pcsx2 settings but after a lot of tries without luck and reading the older posts about this problem i just started the game again without using the states and i was able to save. Now since i don't have any mc saves i cannot continue the game with my corrupted states and i don't really want to start all over. Is there a way to get to that point without playing again from the start or can anyone provide a save close to that point ? I've tried a lot of saves i found but none were close enough, all were very far ahead in the game, only one was close to the start but it's not helping.
I have the eu release of the game though it doesn't really matter for what version the saves are, i'll just use savebuilder to rename the save into the eu version name.
Thank you in advance.

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