GOW2 - Camera Lines following Kratos
Hi, so I feel like this is a question others have asked before, and I apologize for that if it has, but at the same time, I'm not seeing anyone talk about quite the problem I'm having. I'm playing GoW on the latest PCSX2 1.7 nightly build, and I run into a problem with what I can best describe as a camera line. I'm not sure what else to call it, but it basically follows Kratos around.

[Image: Screenshot-2023-03-12-03-51-01.png]

I know it does't seem like much at a glance, but when your moving around, you really see how it stays static to the camera's motion. You walk down this hallway, that blue line will be going with you. 

Edit: you might also want to click these pictures open for full size to see it clearly.

Now, here's the best I can tell about it - it seems to be related to resolution and texture filtering. I have the rendering set to 8x Native (2880p or 5K) here, and it shows up on virtually all other resolutions except seemingly native.

However, it's at 1440p, which is the resolution of my monitor, it's least distinguishable and disappears entirely from some parts of the game. It's still there in other parts, but it seems that's where it's least prominent.

The other thing that I've noticed that affects it is texture filtering, in that it gets larger if I turn it off. But I haven't found a setting that eliminates it.

[Image: Screenshot-2023-03-11-23-54-37.png]

It's the worst when it's a light line standing out against a dark background like here, and also moving as you move through the scene. 

I played GoW1 at the same resolution and it had something like this, but only very rarely, but in GoW2 it's everywhere. I'm just wondering if this is just something inherent in the game, which is understandable as it was never meant to be rendered at such a high resolution, or if there is a fix for this small and insignificant, but nevertheless somewhat annoying feature. It's really not that big a deal outside that it stands out so much in some sections.

Thank you for any help. 

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