As far as i get console emulation - it includes alot floating point operations, right? There is the thing i've being studying for a few weeks now:GPGPU. Modern GPUs are almost doing nothing during PS2 emulation process (especially in 640x480, native texture res). Is it possible to compile some parts of pcsx2 (that need parallel floating point operations) to be calculated on GPU instead of CPU? Or will it be possible with the DX11 release, witch introduces calculating shaders?

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Nope. Reason? The problem is not that the GPU could do the work faster it's the so called "stalling" of the GPU while reading results back. GPUs are fast at deploy-and-forget type stuff where you toss geometry and shaders at it but once you read back data you can get delays up to many seconds. So unless you are not interested in the calculated values it's not worth much.
.. no for the simple reason we have just 2 threads, and so it's useless.

It may be useful for the graphic plugins, if implemented correctly, but it's up to the graphic plugin authors

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