GPU acceleration
to get started, i am a noob in this sort of stuff, but an idea came to my mind, well, the CPU is doing the most work in pcsx2, and today's GPU's are very powerfull even the previous generations like my GTS 250, and why dont you try use powerfull gpu's to takee the load of procesors...well as i said, I am a noob..corect me if i'm wrong but when i play gt4, load on my cpu is close do 100% while my gpu isnt warming yet...i saw that new browsers use gpu aceleration and gain 50x plus on performance...

just my thinking...again repeating myself, i dont know nothing about it pcsx2 programing..

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that's what gfx plugins are made for.
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Your GPU still does a hell of a lot of work when PCSX2 is running, no differently from when you are playing a PC game (ok maybe not quite as much but there are only so many things we can do)

Browsers are just starting to do what games have done for ages, it's nothing new or revolutionary which will help us.
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Actually GPU are not so powerfull. Except in special situation, most of your gpu is not use. The difference between theorical and real power is huge. The difficulty is to feed your gpu is enough data to process.

GPU are very good to batch data calcul like matrix computing but they suck when you did branch, loop or basic operation that can not be done in parallel. Moreover there is big latency to transfer data from ram to gram. Actually a 10 years old cpu will beat a GTX580 in word office processing...

In graphical world, you do few operations on a very huge dataset (10^6 shaders...). So the yield is very good. But not the best, burning gpu softwares uses nearly 100% (that the reason why the card is hotter).

Going back to PCSX2. What it can help it 'gpu vector processor' directly in the cpu as a co-processor. Somethings like a big, fast and efficient sse unit. But we will see that in 4 years Wink
Yeah, we're all hoping for that fat SSE style unit in new cpus Tongue2
So in 4 years you can cross SSE-X from the list of features you had to revert from r3000? Laugh
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