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GPU clocks won't rise
I never thought I'd actually be posting in the support section again, but here I am!

Hardware concerned : EVGA Overclocked NVIDIA GeForce 580m GTX. (Voltage at 870mV)

Okay, so I've run into something that's puzzling me a little. When I play a game, be it native PC or emulated, often times my GPU is not changing it's clock speed when changing from 2D to 3D.

Before, like normal GPU functionality, it would detect when 3D clock speed is needed and jump up to my EVGA Precision X-set clock speeds (720 / 1800).

However, more recently, when I open a game, the clocks simply don't react. They stay at 73Mhz instead, which is the setting for when no 3D app is open.

I'm trying to figure out why it's changed it's behavior and how to fix it. I've tried using the K-Boost feature which has been included in EVGA's newest release of Precision X (4.0) which "Locks the card to Boost Clock / Voltage, even in 2D mode" which I had hoped would override it, but even K-Boost isn't getting around it.

Any ideas as to what it might be? I haven't messed around with anything. The card will work fine sometimes after a reboot, but then return to this behavior after a while.

My cooling is all working fine and I clean out the fans bi-monthly. My GPU stay between 35 and 38C when idle, it's running fine.

Edit : Oh, and messing with the overclocking doesn't change anything. It's just totally unresponsive to any clock changes.

Thanks in advance.
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My Guide to PCSX2 for Windows (outdated, but still generally accurate)

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Is your energy saving setting set to high performance?
My power settings are fine. Using a custom plan I made just to ensure I'm squeezing all the power I can out of it which was based from the High Performance plan.

After a reboot, everything is working fine now. I dunno, I'm just trying to figure out why it does this sometimes.

I Xposted this to SevenForums since this is less of a PCSX2 problem and much more of a general PC issue.

Hell knows what it is though. Could be my damned electrical system screwing up again, or some tiny soft-issue that I haven't been able to pick up on yet.

If weird stuff keeps happening I might attempt a graphics driver reinstall. Or, my system is also due for another clean-up anyway, in which case I'll do a clear-all and update / reinstall everything (I do this every 6 months or so just because I'm a bit of a clean freak).
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My Guide to PCSX2 for Windows (outdated, but still generally accurate)
are you sure you didn't just set it to manual?
Set it to manual? What?

Anyway, it's fine now. I guess I don't need to get too curious about it. It just occurred after not rebooting my system for days on end. If I run into it again I can just reboot and it's gone for a few days.
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My Guide to PCSX2 for Windows (outdated, but still generally accurate)
Signs of a dying video card.
(03-06-2013, 02:04 PM)Barack Obama Wrote: Signs of a dying video card.

Well my system is only 2 years old. Though I do certainly "overuse" my systems insanely (12 hours a day or so) I don't think a 580M should be "dying" so soon, especially when I have another laptop that's 5 years old and living on a crappy integrated GPU.

I'm pretty sure it's some strange random anomaly I've run into because of my specific set of software and hardware. Would probably be fixed if I did a routine cleanup.

Sh*t happens.
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My Guide to PCSX2 for Windows (outdated, but still generally accurate)

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