GPU limited?
Hi, long time user, little time poster here! And I've been trying to get the first Ratchet and Clank game playable on PCSX2, but not had much luck. Strangely, given that its an 8 year old game, it seems to be GPU limited, as the gpu usage jumps right up to 100% when playing it, compared with 70-80% on newer, what I would probably call 'more demanding' games.

I appreciate that the game isn't even listed on the compatability page, so I'm guessing there's not much that can be done? On the main menu EE was hoving between 50-60%, GS was 40-50% and UI at 0%. I tried incrasing the EE Cyclerate and VU cycle stealing speedhacks, and while these did help with speeds, jumping from 20 to 40fps, while EE drops to 30-40% and GS is 40-50%, still with 100% GPU usage.

I'm guessing there's not really much that can be done my end with regards to this? I've switched between DX9 and 11 mode with the GPU, as well as trying the GSdx0.1.16 and ZeroGS 0.97.1, both with the same problem. The textures are also somewhat iffy, no matter which plugin I use.

Has anyone had any luck getting R&C playing, or will I need to shell out for a way to plug my PS2 into one of my monitors?

Specs: CPU: 1055T x6 @ 3.77Ghz
HD5770 1Gb gpu
win7 pro x64
4Gb ram

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Try enabling the "native" and "8-bit texture" options in GSdx, the VU cycle stealing speedhack might help too and also using frameskip (shift+f4 while playing).
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Native and 8-bit textures managed to get it up to 41fps, EE 100%, GS 75-85%. GPU is also at 100% Deffinately an improvement, though the textures still appear to be slightly corrupted.

Speedhacks all to default, except for VU cycle stealing which was set to one gives 60fps, EE 50-55% and GS 50-60%, GPU usage peaked at 75%, so a success from that point of view, but the graphics are still rather buggy. I FRAPS'ed it, rather than try to explain. 20-25 seconds in is all cut-scenes, which displayed fine, at 35 seconds onwards there's a fair few graphics things, textures not displaying until you're really close, and so on. It runs at 60fps most of the way through, though at around 1:35 I notice that looking in a certain direction slowed the game right down.


I'd imagine that its partly down to PCSX2 being optimised for the far more mainstream games, as those are the main ones people will be wanting to play, rather than something my end being the problem?
Aw,im jealous of your processor c: .Anyway pcsx2 doesn't have working mipmapping,so games that use it like ratchet and clank or whatever will have corrupted textures if you move far away enough from them.
How can you see gpu usage? I only see ee and gs. Using dx9.
game,for amd/ati you can see your gpu usage in catalyst control center,i haven't used nivida in a long time though.
I used MSI Afterburner. Should work for any GPU, and it does allow overclocking, though I only use it to see the usage as its far easier to use than the CCC. Works for Nvidia as well as ATI, too.

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