Hallo all master Programers Smile
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There gpu plugin for pcsx2 and other emulators, but it seems to try to match the graphics ps2 and other consoles,
for the texture does not matter, Smile
but for a game with high polygon details, or many objects do not all pc gpu can handle it. Sad

I look at the existing software on the pc can arrange the details on the 3d object so it uses less polygons, so drawn more quickly,
is it possible that the methods apply to gpu plugin? Smile

If possible please make gpu plugin with such methods for NexGen console emulator (pcsx2 and others). Mellow

even emulator for ps3 (maybe). Biggrin

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Not all GPU are able to handle such high details and processing load.

Which Software? Can you name that?

I don't think its possible. Tongue2
You're referring to the DX11 tessellation feature.
This can be used to enhance new PC games with better detail.
However, it has nothing to do with emulation at all. It can't be used for anything PCSX2 / GSdx do.

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