Hi now that i have tekken tag working flawlessly i was wondering if i would run into any problems trying to run gran turismo 4 with the same settings because i have tried gran turismo 3 but there is graphical glitches everywhere no matter what configuration i attempt.

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And what does this have to do with Hardware/Software discussion? GT3 and 4 have various bugs and are some of the hardest games to emulate, requiring extremely high clocked processors to get full speed at the scale of ~4 Ghz, so the answer is probably no.
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if you read my other thread (what is the best configuration)
i was wondering if my specs would be enough for gt4
and yes i can see your point about where i have put this thread ido apologizeRolleyes
GT4 is a pain to emulate.. GT4 is a right pain in general actually.. I bought the game the other day after trying to find it in my local shops for ages!! And before anyone says buy online I dont have a credit card. Anyway.. I took an ISO of the image and tried to run it on PCSX on my laptop.. WOW did it complain! hahahaha Menus and all that worked fine.. when I went to car purchases etc it slowed down.. when I went to an actual race.. whole thing locked up.

I also make backup copies of all my games, both ISO's on my hard disk and burn them off to dvd, with PS2 games no longer being released its going to get harder and harder to get your hands on games for it and so dont like using the original disks in case they get damaged (I learned that lesson when my nephew scratched my mint condition Legacy of Kain Blood Omen 1 disk.. VERY rare!!!). GT4 is a dual layer disk and burning that is a nightmare!
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