GREAT Idea for the PCSX2 !!!


I think a great idea for the PCSX2 would be to add on a custom option that would automatically read a folder that contains the users PS2 games (iso's). Like for me personally, I have a folder on my PC called PS2 GAMES.

It would be nice to have an option within the emulator that would read this folder every time I start the emulator. Sort of like what Winamp does. There's an option to make winamp read your "MY MUSIC" folder in your personal directory on your PC so every time you add music to the "MY MUSIC" folder, winamp automatically picks it up when you start it. Its great for making playlists on the fly. Would be pretty cool if in PCSX2 if we could make game playlists on the fly. Like have a playlist for favorite games or maybe playlists for only RPG's or only action/adventure games, or whatever. It would make referencing game much eaiser. I thought of this idea cause I have a LOT of PS2 games and its hard to find titles sometimes. I gotta search all slow and everything.... Just an idea. Smile


BTW, just as a side note, whoever re-programmed the emulator deserves my donations. PCSX2 finally works 99% flawless. Only game I have had prb with is the graphics for champions of norrath. Other than that I get HIGH fps and experience lag maybe once in a blue moon when playing games. Thanks a lot to the team!!!! Please keep improving this emulator. Its the best!
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do not want.

...well actually, i lie, it'd be nifty, but meh.
A "render to main window" option would be nice to reduce the number of programs on the taskbar. An option to not launch the log on startup wouldn't be too bad, either.
(05-25-2011, 05:27 PM)halfhourdump Wrote: An option to not launch the log on startup wouldn't be too bad, either.

This is actually possible. Just untick Misc>Show Console.
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(05-25-2011, 07:47 PM)GamerGeek Wrote: This is actually possible. Just untick Misc>Show Console.

Thanks for this!

I think it's easier when you have many games to just type the filename in the "Browse..." dialog when you want to play a new game, even using the "Search directory" option in the browse dialog window can be more convenient than going thru a large list when you can just type it.

Anyways, there's a emu suggestions thread, continue there if you want:
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