GS bug in Destroy all Humans
I am trying to play Destroy all Humans! but there is a GS bug that makes the game really ugly.

I want to know if someone know how to fix it, and if not, where can I report the bug.

I found out that with the skipdraw hack I can fix it, but several effects of the game are gone with it.

My gs config is:
GSdx 4772(MSVC 16.00, SSE2) 0.1.16[GSdx32-SSE2]
Resolution 3x Native
Texture filtering on

[Image: attachment.php?aid=12325]

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Does it work correctly using software rendering? (F9)

If so, hold ctrl+shift+F8 for 1-2 seconds in hardware rendering, then go to your "snaps" folder where PCSX2 is and compress and add the .obj, .bmp, and .gs file to a .rar or .zip. This should normally compress down to about 2 MB.

When that is done, report it here following the instructions in the thread.

Please note that a solution will probably not come up immediately, but that it is to the benefit of the development team that you report it in that thread so they are aware of the problem. Also post the lowest level of the skipdraw hack that you managed to remove the glitch on, and the lowest level of the skipdraw hack where other things start disappearing.

Good luck.


Ele funciona corretamente usando software de renderização? (F9)

Se assim for, segure CTRL + SHIFT + F8 para 1-2 segundos na prestação de hardware, então vá para o seu "snaps" pasta onde está PCSX2 e comprimir e adicione o obj.,. Bmp e arquivo. Gs a um rar. Ou. zip. Isto deve comprimir normalmente até cerca de 2 MB.

Quando isso é feito, denunciá-lo aqui seguindo as instruções na lista de discussão.

Por favor note que uma solução, provavelmente, não surgem imediatamente, mas que é em benefício da equipe de desenvolvimento que você informe nesse tópico que eles estão cientes do problema. Também colocar o nível mais baixo do hack skipdraw que você conseguiu remover a falha, e o nível mais baixo do hack skipdraw onde outras coisas começam a desaparecer.

Boa sorte.
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I have everything...
Yes it's work correctly in software redering, but with low fps.

With the skipdraw hack in level 3 a big part of the bug is fixed, but still have some bugs. At level 5 the bugs is gone, but some effects too, and when you are in the spaceship the level 5 isn't enought to fix the bugs.
Well, make sure to report it on the thread I linked you (in "here") with a dump and whatever information they ask you.
Want to contribute? Don't know how? Check out the PCSX2 Wiki page!

Keep safe with MyWOT.

I have everything...
Ok, i'll do it.
(06-30-2011, 09:07 PM)lucas_nc Wrote: Ok, i'll do it.

Was this ever fixed so that you don't have to play it in software mode? It looks so much better the other way except for all the shadow/ghosting. I tried the skipdraw and it just makes it super laggy.
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