GS display when pausing / resuming emulation in 0.9.7
When I'm pausing the emulator and drag the control window within the GS window, the control window turns the GS screen dark seen in figure 1, in the
emulation settings I've unchecked the "Close GS window in ESC button just
to check it out, and additionally, when I maximize and minimize the GS window while it is paused, the GS window size remains the same, the black portion of the screen is where the log window and the control window are supposed to be after maximizing it, as seen in figure 2 and 3 (before and after maximizing)

Suggestion: Can you make a shortcut key assignment for the pause/resume function in future releases?

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i think that its pretty useless,as the esc key servers that function properly,adn besides you know you can change the settings while running the game (in 0.9.7)
[Image: 2ymccqu.jpg]
[Image: 17715.png]
The Esc key is not exactly intended to be a pause still it works this way, what it does is stopping the emulation and closing the plugins. That is the secure way to change controls, preferable to try and change them on fly.

Since the GS plugin is closed the responsibility to redraw the window falls over your OS or video card driver (not sure about), fact is that the issue does not happens here so I can't state it with certainty. What I can say for sure is resizing the window commits only after restarting the emulator, does not matter it being done with the window open or closed.

My advice is for you to keep the 'close window on Esc key' or whatever is spelled there, that is yet more meaningful on fullscreen least you having to call the task manager to kill PCSX2 if something go astray with the plugin.

PS: Resizing the GS window while the emulation is stopped and the plugins closed is not meaningful at all, I think may be it you are seeing.
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Right, enable the default GS window close behavior again and it'll be gone. Literally Tongue2
This is the way PCSX2 has always worked, and is partly a function of the GS plugin being lazy, and partly the fault of there being no option in place for PCSX2 to download a screenshot of the GS output from the GS plugin (for some reason plugins are responsible for saving screenshots).

I plan to fix it someday.
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