GS% high
yesterday the emulator was working beatifully but today its a bit slow.

on menu navigation my GS% goes up to 100% and its always floating around the 70% range now on Kingdom Hearts.

I have an AMD Phenom II BE 3.0ghz 940 and Sapphire Radeon HD4870 1GB... im sure my GS shouldn't be that high given the graphics card is alright.

i did install new drivers (ATI) which i have uninstalled just now but it doesnt seem to have helped.. any reccomendations please?

i've been using GSDX 5534 w/SSE2 and Direct 3D9 hardware.

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Hi guys, just to report back I "allowed 8-bit textures" and now everything is running phenomenally well again on 3x native. Laugh

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