"GS plugin failed to load"
I updated DirectX 9 using the auto updater thing. However, my computer won't go to Microsoft.com so I had to run the updater on another computer and transfer all DirectX files over. However, I didn't know where to place the "DirectX for Managed Code" file so I just placed it with the other DirectX folder.

So I updated it. Got BIO's and the game disk (I haven't even got far enough for it to be asking for BIO's yet)

I'm running on E6600 2.6Ghz Dual core, 2GB of RAM and an 8800GTX. I think I'd be fine.

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Now on a older version it says game in running in the command prompt thing but it isn't showing up.
What "DirectX for managed code" file?

I suggest you keep a copy of your BIOS and then uninstall/reinstall PCSX2 to a new folder, then run the DirectX June 2010 redistributable from a site like here if you can't go to microsoft's site: http://www.techspot.com/downloads/33-directx.html

It would also help us figure the problem if you show us the exact problem you're having or your PCSX2 settings, plugin settings and name the game you're having trouble with.
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The one I'm looking at. I'm currently downloading that thing and it is going to take about 30 more minutes. As for the settings they're all default. I don't know what to do. EQOA.


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