GS plugins error to bad allocation
((Not sure if this is in the right place))

Hey ^^

I'm having a problem with the software.

I had searched about for a answer to the "Can not load GS plugin <NULL>" problem and someone said to try running as admin. Now it's worse becuase it comes up with "Bad Allocation" so i'm not very happy Blush

System: Windows 7

((I'm new to this stuff so Wacko any questions needed answering about my comp please ask))

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First, make sure you use the 0.9.7 beta with the plugins it includes:
Then, uninstall any other version of PCSX2 you might have (keeping your BIOS files) and install it on a new folder like C:/PCSX2. Make sure you select working folder at the first time configuration wizard for where you want the ini files to be stored (NOT in the user documents folder)
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